Client Experiences

Dr I, Kent

Debbie is a complete professional. She is an experienced and competent nanny – and this shines through in everything she does. She is calm, unflappable, gentle yet firm with children and they soon learn where they stand. She was helpful to the family and fitted in well. We would highly recommend her for any family.

Mrs S, Fulham

Just a quick note to say a huge thank you for sending Veronica to look after the girls this weekend. The girls had a total ball and were occupied for the entire time with interesting, educational activities. Veronica was totally in control and stuck to the girls routine whilst also making the weekend a lot of fun. Without doubt Veronica is one of the best nannies I have ever met. Coming home after 3 days skiing to a calm house full of drawings and tales of the weekend and a little drama show was a pure delight.

Leading Travel Concierge Company, Kensington

I had a chat with Mrs A while they were away who said the girls were great – the best nannies she has ever had!!! She said they had put together loads of activities that were keeping the children busy all the time and they were having a fantastic time. They did have the added difficultly of the weather being very wet so they had to spend more time than planned indoors but the girls adapted everything and all the children had an amazing holiday (as did the parents!). It was a huge success so thank you so much for finding them for me. I will certainly be in touch in the future if we have any more requests of this kind.

Mrs W, Beaconsfield

Claire was spot on, with the perfect personality for a Holiday Nanny – very flexible with a sense of what needed to be done. Just got on with it – very professional, yet personable. We are going skiing again in Easter and hope Claire can join us again then!

Mr and Mrs W, Suffolk

I cannot think of any improvements Laura would need to make. I think she did a wonderful job and would recommend her to any family. If Laura was happy to come away with us again we would love to have her.

Mrs de B, France

Many thanks. We have had a great time with Lene. Many thanks again for helping us out at the last moment, that was much appreciated. We now feel we have had a lovely holiday.

Mr and Mrs J, Mill Hill

Kerry was very proactive and always mucked in. She was very flexible and a pleasure to be with. Kerry was excellent and I would recommend her to anyone – our children became very fond of Kerry.

Mr and Mrs N, Chelsea

Maree was proactive and knew when to suggest taking over. She helped in the house too. Maree formed a quick bond with the children and was very good with the whole family.

Mr and Mrs T, Clapham

Laura was great in every way – a joy to have around. She worked very hard and the children adored her. Laura has a fantastic ability to work with children and is a credit to her herself. She has flare, was interesting, hard-working but also was happy to give us space.

Louise B, Oundle

Kerry was incredibly proactive. She cooked supper for the children without being asked and helped me tidy up. She played and drew pictures with them. She was a ray of sunshine and my three warmed to her immediately. She was also completely reliable and willing to do whatever I asked her to do. I'd absolutely hire her again through Holiday Nanny any time. Both Kerry and the firm in general offered exactly what I needed. I should say that I am a single mother and my three children were six and under, so a bit more of an "ask" for Kerry but she was terrific and the babies loved her. No doubt I could not have managed my first holiday alone without the help of Holiday Nanny and Kerry - and it turned into a wonderful time for the children that they still remember! Parents should feel free to ask for this young lady in particular and to trust the company in general.

Mr and Mrs W, Suffolk

Natalie always offered her help even if she wasn’t ‘on duty’ and she was always happy to help out. Our 3 year old instantly thought Natalie was great fun to be around and our 1 year old twins were always found having a quick cuddle with her! Natalie was very flexible. We had been unsure of what hours to ask Natalie to work but we found she would fit around our daily schedule. Natalie is a very friendly and helpful nanny. Any family who is lucky enough to have Natalie to be their Nanny will be, we are sure, completely happy with their choice!

Mrs H, London

Veronica was brilliant. She was very proactive, energetic and imaginative. The children enjoyed her company and she got to know them and their habits very quickly. She was very flexible and helpful in all aspects of the children’s needs.

Mrs H, Windsor

Lydia played with and supervised the children in the apartment and at the pool. They really enjoyed her company. She prepared food for them and cleared up very well. Lydia formed an excellent bond with the children and they loved playing with her. Full marks to her as the older one is going through clingy phase!
She was an excellent communicator. Always turned up on time and was flexible with timings.

Mrs G, Primrose Hill

Ellen was excellent – she helped with loads of stuff – including meals, tidying, etc. The children loved her and she went out of her way to get them involved in different activities. I can think of no improvements – she was excellent all round!

Mrs W, Islington

Toni was very willing and pro-active. She was very flexible and was able to predict when help was required. It was a huge benefit to have Toni with us and we were able to relax whilst Toni played with Maisie and prepared her meals. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her!

Mrs J, London

Poppy was proactive, but sensitive as well. She got on well with the children from the start and they were very happy to be with her. She was helpful and flexible, asked if we needed her or not and let us have time alone.

Poppy was a great person to look after the children and she was quick to understand our expectations of her and the way we dealt with the children. I don’t think I have any suggestions for improvement and would use her again without any hesitation.

Mrs F, London

Nicola was brilliant, kind, fun and helpful at all times. She had the right balance of fun and discipline with our children. A wonderful help – the children formed such a great bond with her that they wanted her to come home and live with us!

Mrs W, London

Nikki is an excellent Nanny, I would trust her with anybodies children and would recommend her highly, she was fantastic and the children loved her!

Mrs A, Maida Vale

Francesca was great. Both my children were happy – even my daughter who is notoriously difficult! Francesca was simply the best nanny we’ve ever had!

Mrs W, London

Sally was just right. We had a really super holiday and a lot of that was down to the fact that we had a bit of time off. She was really great and will definitely be booking again next year!

Mrs L, London

Jo was fantastic. She also included our friends 4 year old in activities without being asked. Within minutes she was accepted by the children – she was absolutely brilliant! She happily did everything that was asked of her – but mainly she used her initiative. She mixed fantastically well with the teenagers that were there – which meant that everyone was relaxed and had dinner together. I would ask her to come away with us again 100%!

Mrs H, London

Natalie was helpful in every way and a pleasure to have with us. Natalie and Phoebe adored each other from the start! She was great at asking me what help I needed with Phoebe at any time and she also was sensitive to our need to have time to ourselves. Natalie seems so perfectly suited to Holiday Nannying!

Mrs B, Chiswick

Charlie was very proactive designing games for the girls which she played with them. The girls thought she was great and it made it a very enjoyable holiday for them. I thought Charlie was great on every level and would definitely recommend her to another family.

Mrs B, Barnes

Our children had a lovely time with Jo and the other children all were happy to be with her too. She was great with the children from the start. We couldn't have asked for more from Jo and woudl definitely take her with us again and recommend her to others.

Dr M, Surrey

Julia was an excellent nanny - very helpful! She was very happy to help with travelling and was asked to make journey in taxi with pram, car seat and luggage - all in French - she did very well!

Mrs M, Leicestershire

Debbie was great at responding to needs as they arose, taking the initiative and helping out in every way. We always had a clear idea of what her plan of activities was and got a good report back at the end of the day. She worked with us and the children to make things run smoothly. Debbie puts her experience to such good use. She is not phased by anything that happens. She is proactive whilst still respecting family space. It is hard to think of how she could be any better!

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